Can you monitor levels while using RetroScan app?

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Can you monitor levels while using RetroScan app?

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I have a RetroScan Universal Mark I with the 2K camera, and a 'Windows-10' computer with an i7 processor and a 4GB RAID-0 for capture of scans.

I post on an iMac with Davinci Resolve.

I'm frustrated with trying to 'nail' a good exposure when scanning.

I've had to redo sections of a reel where the resulting scan was overexposed, with a straight line on the waveform monitor indicating that large areas of the frame were digitized 'all bits on', or with a straight line at the bottom, indicating 'all bits off'.

My goal is to try to capture using as much of the limited dynamic range of the RetroScan Universal Mark 1 as I can. Ideally, I'd like highlights to be as close to 'all bits on' while still being 'fuzzy' (indicating there's still detail,) and the same with the dark areas of the image being as close as possible to 'all bits off' while still being 'fuzzy'.

Beyond that, I'd like to be able to set the capture gamma as close to the graded gamma as I can so as to allow a little wiggle room when grading and not have the image posterize because I have to stretch the gamma too far.

The problem is that the RetroScan software doesn't provide any indication of over/under exposure, and eyeballing the computer monitor isn't working (I've tried adjusting the the monitors' brightness/contrast/gamma, and I've tried looking at the monitor off-axis to accentuate differences in image levels.) I've also used a microscope to examine the film itself to confirm that there's dynamic-range detail that the scanner didn't capture.

Does anybody know of something like a waveform-monitor app that runs on Windows-10 and can 'hook in' to the RetroScan app, or some other means of monitoring the levels of the capture?

I'd even settle for a 'green light/red light' indicator that indicates when too many [00] or [FF] bytes are captured.

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