Teaser, spoiler and some ideas around this project

General discussion regarding the open film scanner project.


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Teaser, spoiler and some ideas around this project

Post by Andreas Wideroe »


How about building your own high end filmscanner by only using off the shelf high quality components and open source software?


This is a high end system. It will be as cheap as you let it be or as expensive as it gets.

... and now some random ideas and thoughts about such a project.

Who is this for?

This project is mainly aimed at archives and businesses and for those who have some extra time and money to spend. The project is set up to create 2 modulare filmscanners that can be used to save our culture heritage stuck on cine film.


so let's start the discussion and brain storming!
Andreas Wideroe
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Re: Teaser, spoiler and some ideas around this project

Post by vintagefilm »

The scanner I am working on is a work in progress, and is not ready to be deployed except on an experimental basis. Having said that, it does work and can produce some very nice results.

It is built with the following subsystems
-Motion Control
-Control Panel

We could break it down further, but you get the idea. I will begin to post some details here, and on my project website openscannerproject.com

And please, if anyone wants to ask questions, or share about your own project, please do!
Grace McKay
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