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How to upload video to Filmshooting | Com

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You can upload videos to the Filmshooting | Com FTP archive as long as the film is shot on film.

These are the preferred formats:

- Windows Media (.wmv)
- Mpeg-1 (.mpg)
- Quicktime (.mov)
- Microsoft AVI (.avi)

Filenames must not be longer than 16 characters (plus extension) and must not contain blanks. All characters must be lower case.

Files must NOT be larger than 75 MB.

Ok, but how do I FTP upload a file?

First of all you would need to obtain an FTP program. Go to and look for FTP clients. Here you can download your favourite one. Recommended clients are Ie. CuteFTP, FlashFXP, WS_FTP and similare.

Open this program and create a new profile that you name "Filmshooting" and enter the following settings:

Username: anonymous
Password: yourem@il.address (Yes, your email!)

Now, press save and then connect. You should now see 4 folders (/etc, /tmp, /pub and /upload). Doubleclick on the folder /upload.

You're now in the right place for uploads. Then choose video, locate your video file on your local computer and transfer it either by dragging it over to the server or by pressing "transfer" or similare buttons. Choose your destination directory (manuals for manuals or video for movie clips Etc.). When the indicator tells you you're done, the video should be uploaded.

To check/test your clip, enter this URL in your webbrowser: ... lename.XXX

Computers running Microsoft Windows and various Unix OS's can use the built in ftp client:

For Windows. go to START / RUN / and type in ftp and hit enter.
A black and white screen comes up.

then, your e-mail address
cd upload
put (the file must be on the desktop) use the name under properties dos

If you're on Unix then simply type ftp from the command prompt and then open... same as above.

Good luck!
Andreas Wideroe
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