10mm Switar lens element swapping?

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10mm Switar lens element swapping?

Post by inlieubeaulieu »

Hi all, I have two 10mm Switar AR c-mount lenses with issues and was hoping I may be able to get a working lens from combining elements from both.

one lens is nearly pristine, except for having several deep scratches on the front element (that are visible in the viewfinder and on film images). The other lens has thick haze on most of the internal elements (but the front element is pristine). My question is whether you think it's feasible to use the clean front element from my hazy lens as a replacement for the deeply scratched front element of my otherwise fine lens? I've encountered differing opinions about swapping front elements with lenses in general, and just wanted hear some opinions from folks with experience specifically regarding Switar lenses.
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Re: 10mm Switar lens element swapping?

Post by alexmuir »

I’m assuming that when you are suggesting swapping front elements, you have the ability to take the lenses apart. If so, I would try cleaning the hazy optics first. In some cases, a simple wipe with a lens cleaning fluid will remove haze.

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