The new "Super8" magazine

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The new "Super8" magazine

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What do you think of the new "Super8" magazine ( )?

Yes, it's great to have a printed magazine. And the print quality is great. However, without the cover, the magazine has only 68 pages that are relatively small (something between "A5" and "A4"). So given the fact that it's a bilingual magazine (German and English), you'll only get 34 pages in your preferred language. If you would convert this into "A4" or "letter", single language and a more traditional layout, you would end up with only approx. 20 pages. This is a typical example how the layout wastes space:
The yellow, separate text is the same as in the article. And the red area could have been easily used for more text. (The grey areas are only for copyright reasons. ;) )
Given the fact that some articles in this issue are only relevant for absolute beginners, the 11,55€ (incl. shipping inside of Germany) are a little bit too high for me...

In other words: Good start, but IMHO there's also room for improvements. Especially the target audience isn't 100% clear to me: Is this supposed to be a magazine for newbies, for advanced hobbyists or for both? (At least this issue is nothing for collectors.)

So what's your opinion?
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