Pass the Cart

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Pass the Cart

Post by Ektagraphic »

Anyone up for a new one? If I guys sent a super 8 cartridge from person to person? Sound like fun to me! I don't mind sending someone a roll to start off.
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Re: Pass the Cart

Post by lastcoyote »

My advice from deep of my heart... keep it as less cart as possible.

too many carts will increase the difficulties of tracking. I'm so so so lucky that all the members on PTC2 are all reliable, even some of them can't finish the part but they keep the cart moving anyway.

Now if you like to start a new PTC project... make sure you keep the cart less... because tracking the carts are not a fun job ..... at all..... :twisted:
And... you have to promise to all the members that you will try your very very best.... your every efford to get the project finish.

If you ever try to push the cart number to 6 or 7 or even 10 carts... you will reglad.
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Re: Pass the Cart

Post by Superbus_ »

I agree with lastcoyote. Too many carts,too many problem. I've filmed my 30 seconds back in 2006 and the next one last year for the second round. Pass the cart 2 is almost finished according to my information - at least my part is done and developed, digitalized. So, I'm positive finally we will be ready firstly thanks to lastcoyote and of course all the project members. On the other hand I'm very enthusiastic of being involved international pfilm projects like that but my idea is to make one cart/person and the film is juts finally could be digitalized.
I think it is also a key element of these projects to have a common theme:
people walking etc. just something which makes it a unified project and a final film.
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Re: Pass the Cart

Post by Rollef »

I have also been involved in PTC both times and am glad it now seems as if PTC2 is comming to an end thanks to LC.

Another way of doing a project could be to use the tons of "stock" footage that is out there. I know forum members have a lot of different footage on different emulsions just lying around, unused.
Instead of passing more carts around for some years, why not starting a project where you get som shooters to commit to sending you some useful stock footage already shoot, and ofcourse its up to you to set the "theme" of the project as wide or narrow as possible so its actually possible to get some stock footage from folks.
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Re: Pass the Cart

Post by flatwood »

Sure, you can count me in. My credentials are pretty good and I'm mostly reliable!! I'm part of the first timelapse project which was completed and turned out great and I've shot film two or three times for this PTC and plan to do the sound track when it all gets done. I think we need to dedicate the PTC project to LC.

Also, Pass The Cart PTC project name is getting confusing. Come up with the same but different... Shoot the something or another. Not feeling particularly creative today, sorry.

I think the one we're just finishing is PTC Two. PTC One is in limbo but I have hopes that someday it will be revived. Personally, I volunteer to get the film processed and scanned if Mojo will send it to me.

But, you can probably count on me. What do you have in mind??

Good luck!
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Re: Pass the Cart

Post by Angus »

I'd love to see PTC1 come to fruition, if for no other reason than my footage features my father who has since passed away!

I'm potentially up for another group project...either a varient on PTC (depending on the theme) or unused footage I have lying around...some funky stuff there some of which dates back to the 80's and some of which is recent rejected footage.
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Re: Pass the Cart

Post by aj »

From the outside not having been a participant:

Is it really necessary and cost-effective to ship these carts around?
May seem like a nice feature but causes many trouble with people who are temporarily not in a position to collabrate or more often lack to character to live up to their promises and take a commitment seriously.

So what if people spend/use a same-type cartridge themselves. Shoot one or more clips of 30 secs and then submit the result (30 secs) to the central office...
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