Bolex P1 or P2 Manual?

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Bolex P1 or P2 Manual?

Post by Mdenney »

I am trying to track down a a manual for either the Bolex P1 or P2 cameras. Can anyone help?



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Re: Bolex P1 or P2 Manual?

Post by Chris-B »

If you can't find one for free to download I would recommend buying the Focal Camera Guide - Bolex 8 Guide. Its a 120 page book!

It won't cost much more than buying a manual. It has very detailed info on the cameras and functions. I think it is better than the actual camera manual!

You can buy a copy (a bound photocopy) from here

The Bolex H 8:H 16 -Series Guide is also excellent if you have or are thinking of buying an h8 or H16.
I learned more about how to use these camera from these books than I ever could have from the bolex manuals for them.

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Re: Bolex P1 or P2 Manual?

Post by Grant98 »

Is it exactly what you were asking?

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